Custom Solutions

Our Website and Custom Development division creates solutions ranging from simple websites to dynamic, data driven sites using the latest Web 2.0 technologies such as CSS 3.0 and jQuery. Our custom solutions, developed with Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server and the DotNet Framework provide robust, scale-able solutions.

Our E-Commerce department can help you start selling on the web using a modern, secured site that is fully configurable. And we can take that data and integrate it into your existing back end processing system or a customized system designed for your business.


Consulting Services

  • Evaluation and assessment of business workflow and processes to determine potential technology improvements
  • Automation of business tasks such as order and fulfillment processing, marketing and human resources administration, among others
  • Design and development of extra-nets and eCommerce websites
  • Customer service, marketing and sales force automation
  • Migration of existing intranet to SharePoint for greater efficiency and ease of user maintenance
  • Document automation and the creation of an easy-to-maintain ‘data library’ for information


All About the Cloud

In the early days of computing a user had a dumb terminal that they used to access a mainframe computer. Then the PC came along and the user could perform tasks without the assistance of another computer. The Cloud takes us almost full circle. While you can still do things without Internet access, the rich applications today look to the Cloud to access information and perform their daily business and personal tasks.

SharePoint gives you the ability to manage your company’s documents and assets through one central portal, as well as providing a centralized messaging can collaborations platform.

Customized eCommerce sites lets the planet become your customer base. Customers in today’s world do not know and do not care if you are a multi-billion dollar company with facilities around the world or if your business is running out of your garage. An eCommerce site lets you compete with everyone on a level playing field.

Dynamic Web Sites are applications tailored to your particular needs. You may need to display up-to-the-minute information. Or provide a private place where you can interact with you clients and suppliers.

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud based set of services that is designed to replace your back-end infrastructure. This can greatly reduce both your capital and operating costs. You do not have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on hardware and licenses. Nor do you need a staff to configure and maintain all of these systems. Instead, you pay a monthly fee based upon your usage.