About US

XEQ was founded in 1991 by Ross Terman. Ross began programming for his family owned business in 1979 on a Royal 9000 Mini Computer. He used an Operating system called IRIS and the Business Basic programming language. His initial reason for this was plain and simple: He could not find a programmer who understood his business. With that, XEQ Information Solutions was born.

We are able to take the requirements/needs/blueprints etc(word) of our clients, and translate that into a custom software solution to help your business run more efficiently and effectively. At XEQ Information Solutions, we take the mystery out of technology. We are business people first and pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs. We know your time is valuable.

XEQ is a leading software and consulting organization dedicated to producing a return on investment for our clients. We help those clients, both large and small, to optimize technology to achieve specific and meaningful solutions.

There are many software and consulting firms throughout the United States. Most are made up of knowledgeable, yet technology oriented employees who may not always understand the needs of today’s business. As a company founded and established by business owners, XEQ is uniquely positioned to understand your needs and to provide the most effective solutions. Our senior team includes experienced business management from a wide range of industries, as well as operations, marketing and sales executives. Additionally, we employ the best technicians, developers and support staff with the training and background necessary to complete your project and achieve your objectives.