Simply put, the playing field is leveled with Microsoft Office 365. Companies with as few as 2 people now have tools that were previously only available to large enterprises with hardware and software investments with costs that often easily exceed $100,000.00.

The SharePoint On Line site gives you a secure means of controlling access to the important and confidential information in your organization. Microsoft Lync provides instant messaging for users within your organization and allows you to quickly create virtual meetings with your colleagues.

We’ll work with you to set up your Office 365 installation properly the first time. We do this by analyzing your needs to determine basic settings such as detail SharePoint lists, guiding the configuration of your users and groups, and setting security and document access controls. We’ll then train your administrative users to perform the basic site maintenance.

Office 365 is far more than simple lists and document storage. Our staff can create custom lists and workflows that automate the flow of crucial information that are customized for your business.